Customer Testimonials

En regardant le suje
En regardant le sujet de phiuyqse-chimie pour les S, je m’apere7ois que la re9action de saponification est fausse, il aurait fallu e9crire : CH2-O2C-C17H33 au lieu de CH2-CO2-C17H33.Avec cette re9action, c'est impossible d'avoir le gycerol.Manque de rigueur ou changement de nomenclature en chimie ???
• Silvano KPTLcI5xOFxb 
No connection
I have used Sure To Grow matting for years in my nft system. For months literally I have been trying to get in touch with them to purchase more material. You cannot call them email them anything any yet you continue to hear and see their name. What the hel is going on Mary Seton
• mary seton philadelphia
poor service
I have been trying to contact through email and phone and online purchasing to no avail, I have left dozens of phone messages and another 10 email messages and used their online store and nothing for over 2 months, this happened last year as well, no contact and nothing works, they might be out of business.
• george reynolds west jordan
is sure to grow out of business
• dave ca. 
Grow pads
I have been using this product pads to grow microgreens for 10 years. The product is excellent and unique. For the past 3 years they run out for months and become unresponsive. Now they cant get the manufacturer on the east coast to produce any for him so they have dropped the product. If anyone knows of an alternative send me a email 504-491-1293
• Keith V. Kron new orleans 
No Bs, Great stuff!!!
Just got a pack pf twister for my aunt. Shipping took a lil while cause they were out of stock, Very impressive stuff. was a lil skeptical at first, but this stuff rocks. Stable PH! NO messy acidic rocks and her plants are thriving!! WAY TO GO, Sure To Grow!!!
•South Padre Island 
8" x 8" deluge
Perfect fit for Ebb & Gro 2 gallon pots. Roots go straight through it all over
• Anonymous copperopolis 
8'' Deluge Cylinder
Super simple to use and easy cleanup with the 2 gallon Ebb and Flow system.Clip close,throw in trash bag and out with the garbage, much better than Hydroton or Dirt in Hydro application
• rednam Washington State 
STG Cubes
-I have had a 50# bag of clay pellet medium sitting unused since I started using STG -using the loose fill is great to customize individual pots -storing lightweight STG much easier than clay pellets
• Hobyt Florida
Clipper Clone Pucks
These are great for cloning in fogponics. I plant them into the next medium (perlite)without disturbing the root zone. I have a hydro store nearby, but they don't carry these because they are new and nobody is using them yet. These are the BOMB!
• Little Tommy Medical Deetroit 
Thank you for introducing us to the Sure To Grow® mats. WE LOVE THEM! We grow wheatgrass, baby sunflowers, and pea shoots. We searched for months to find a soil-less medium that would work for us. The roots in the sunflower and pea shoots need to be grown in a medium that will support them. The product that we were using was being imported from another country into Canada. We then had to buy it from Canada and go through Customs. The company in Canada had a very large minimum, and always wanted the money before they would ship. It would take about four months to get the product. This was totally unacceptable to us. The Sure To Grow® mats are made in America from recycled products. No worrying about Customs. No long waits to get the product. No waste in fossil fuels in shipping. The best part is the Sure To Grow® mats are cut to size. The labor we save by not cutting them ourselves is priceless.
• Kevin and Becky Keune, Makes Scents, LLC
I have been looking for a growing medium to use for sprouting certain seeds that was different from baby blanket, which is made from shredded coconut shells. And I was unsuccessful until Sure To Grow® was invented. This product is amazing! It has allowed my sprouters to sprout very difficult seeds—such as arugula, watercress and flax—very simply. By wetting the Sure To Grow® mat and keeping it moist, these seeds do very well in a regular sprouter. There is no need to purchase a clay sprouter which is the typical growing medium for these seeds. I have been sprouting for over 21 years just using a regular manual tray sprouter. I don't like to purchase gimmicks and I don't want to carry any gimmicky items on my website. But the Sure To Grow® mats are anything but a gimmick. They truly do help to produce better sprouts as well as making sprouting even easier than it ever was before while controlling moisture release.
• Sprout Lady Rita, Sprouthouse 
First, I'd like to thank you for including us in your trials of Sure To Grow® products. As Endless Summer is an N.F.T. hydroponic operation the early prototypes of your grow cubes have been both interesting and beneficial. We had grown exclusively in another manufactured grow cube product which had certain drawbacks. First and foremost those cubes would tend to partially disintegrate and leave particulate matter in our system. In N.F.T. systems, keeping flow free from algae and other matter is crucial as well as time and labor consuming to correct. I feel certain Sure To Grow® cubes will have a prominent place in our expanding operations.
• Kirk Noll, Endless Summer Harvest