Sure To Grow Hydroponic Clipper Clone Puck


Only sold in the best hydroponic supply stores!

  • Specifically designed for use in all major cloning systems as well as most homemade hydroponics systems
  • Available in PET and Biodegradable TENCEL fiber for traditional soil applications
  • Unique structure allows for ambient gas exchange between the upper and lower environments providing the optimum conditions for delicate clones.
  • Perfect for hobbyists or hydroponic business purposes

Special Features:

  • Longitudinal slit allows the cutting to be placed gently within substrate without damaging the cut end
  • Bio-D can be used in traditional soil application and biodegrades completely as the plant matures
  • Open cells designed for more air flow ensuring a healthy dry stem while the roots recieve ambient circulation.
Hydroponic gardening with this media: Cuttings or short term small stature crops grown in 1.5-2.0 net pots
Hydroponic System Compatibility: GH Rainforst, EZ Cloner, deep water culture (DWC), hydroponic raft and similar indoor gardening systems

Product Specifications:

STG Clipper Clone Puck
Product / DimensionsProduct CodeCase
Clipper Cylinder 2×2″/1 unit is 24 cylindersSTGI1
24 bags in a case

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