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Hail Yes!

Hail is the latest evolution in STG technology.

  • Hail was born out of feedback we received from many growers looking for a cleaner and easier alternative to hydroton and other aggregates
  • If you grow in net pots, buckets and large containers Hail was made for you.


Why Hail?

“I am writing you to express my utmost satisfaction will your product. We just finished a test run and the only problem is I don’t have more of this stuff! Sure to grow has made my gardening experience much more enjoyable.”
– Grower from Jacksonville, Florida

“Before I was using hydroton. It was getting somewhat frustrating dealing with these very heavy filthy little marbles that need to be cleaned and sterilized before I can even use them. let alone all the time hydroton actually cut me. I used coco which is filthy and other stuff needs ph balancing, overpriced, collects tons of algae etc….there is always a hangup.”
– Jason from California

“It was like a kid with a new toy when I got your “hail” product, It was as was like filling up a box with shipping peanuts! just filled my 5 gal bucket, plopped in my rooted clone, done.”
– Grower in Colorado

“In my drip system alongside plants grown in hydroton, This Performed equally as well. This stuff is awesome, no Cleaning ahead of time, no dust, lightweight, I hope to see more of this because this is hydroponics, we want 100% sterile conditions. We can leave all the heavy filthy dirty dusty stuff to the organic and soil guys”
– April from California

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