Sure To Grow Storm Tornado


Only sold in the best hydroponic supply stores!

  • Size: 6″ X 4.75″
  • Available in PET
  • Perfect for hobbyists or hydroponic business purpose


Special Features:


  • 1.5 cut out in the insert will accept the STG 1.5” grow cube as well as the 2” clipper cloner
  • pH neutral and require no conditioning or continuous adjustment of your bath due to media influence
  • inert and impart nothing to your nutrient solution. This allows the grower to “start from scratch” when developing a feeding schedule
  • Non-wicking design allows the grower to feed more often, leading to a healthier plant and better harvests
  • Open cells designed for more air flow ensuring a healthy dry stem while the roots receive ambient circulation

Hydroponic gardening with this media: All crops, including hydroponic strawberries, hydroponic tomatoes and more

Hydroponic System Compatibility: Botanicare Econojet, GH Rainforest, deep water culture (DWC), flood and drain table, top drip.


Product Specifications:

Product / Dimensions Product Code Case
Tornado 6×4.75″

1 unit is pack of 6

STGI5 12 packs in a case

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