Hobby hydroponic growers have one thing in common: they are are passionate about the crops they grow! No matter what growing system used, be it the most sophisticated high-tech off-the-shelf growing system or homemade hydroponic units, hobby growers want the highest yield and best quality plants with the least growing hurdles.

Sure to Grow® is simply the best hydroponic growing media available for hobby growers! We want to be your hydroponic supply company!


Sure to Grow® products are compatible with all major hobby systems, including: Aeroponics, Bubblers - Bato Buckets, 5-Gallon Buckets, Cloners, Deep Flow (DFT), Drip, Dutch Pots, Ebb and Flow, Float Systems, Flood & Drain, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT).

When it comes to hydroponic hobby systems, one size does not fit all. Hobby growing systems can be high tech or low tech, off-the-shelf or DIY hydroponics systems. Regardless of the hydroponic system, using the best media available will reward hobby growers with superior plants and higher yields. Hobby growers are successfully using STG Cubes, Blocks, Pads and Slabs and Loose Fill with the following systems:

  •  Botanicare Cloner
  •  Crop King NFT
  •  Ebb & Gro
  •  EconoJet
  •  PowerGrower Eco
  •  GH AeroFlo2 
  •  MegaGarden
  •  WaterFarm 


STG media is compatible with most homemade hydroponics or DIY hydroponic systems including:

  • Aeroponic
  • Bubblers
  • Cloners
  • Hydroponic drip systems
  • Floating Raft or float hydroponics
  • Nutrient Film Technique NFT Gutters
  • Dutch Buckets
  • Flood & Drain Tables (or ebb and grow, ebb and flow, ebb and flood)


Hydroponic wheatgrass, sprouts and microgreens are often grown at home by consumers who are passionate about their health and want to include the freshest, healthiest, most nutritious greens avaialble in their diets. Sure to Grow® Pads are the ideal growing media for these fast growing greens. Growers report more rapid growth and lusher crops with less incidence of disease.



Sure to Grow is a great hydroponic growing medium…. I just dropped the seeds into some mini cubes in a Waterfarm, added 1/4 strength nutrient solution, and let them do their thing…. I got probably 90% germination, which was great for having older seed stock.