Sure To Grow Hydroponic Loose Fill and Absorbents


Recommended for growing all types of nursery and greenhouse hydroponic crops in individual containers such as bag culture, buckets, net pots and other nursery containers.

  • Soil ammendment – more robust growth and higher yields
  • Superior to rockwool absorbent, perlite, cocofiber (coir) vermiculite and soilless mix.

Special Features:

  • Light weight, sterile
  • No pH and nutrient swings
  • No irritating fibers
  • No preconditioning required

A how-to Guider for STG Loose Fill:


Hydroponic Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Flowers, Herbs, Baby Greens, Lettuce, Ornamentals, Vegetable Transplants, Rooted Cuttings.

Hydroponic System Compatibility:

ebb and grow (ebb and flow, flood and drain, ebb and flood), hydroponic drip*, nutrient film technique (NFT), float, floating raft, wick*, Aeroponic Cloners.

*Note: Drip and Wick systems require a 50/50 mix of STG Loose Fill and Coir or Soilless Mix.


Product Specifications:

Product / DimensionsProduct CodeCase
STG Loose Fill – 2 Cubic Foot BagSTG LF10 Bags / Case

A how-to Guider for STG Hydroponic Loose Fill:

The Future of Plant Growth Media

LOOse FiLL 2 Cu. Ft.

Manufactured by Sure to Grow® / A division of 6062 Holdings, LLC 23230 Chagrin Boulevard, Beachwood, Ohio 44122


Soilless Growing Media, Ingredients: PET fiber 2 Cubic Foot Bag Loose Fill (STG LF)

Hydroponic Crops soil amendment

For hydroponic production loosely fill Direct seed or transplant STG Completely saturate container. Mix 1 part STG® Loose Fill® with 3 Fill growing containers with amended

growing containers. Cubes® or STG Blocks® into STG parts potting mix and mix thoroughly. mix. Direct seed or transplant

Loose Fill®. seedlings and saturate thoroughly.

Recommended Crops: Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Flowers, Herbs, Baby Greens, Lettuce, Ornamentals, Vegetable Transplants, Greenroof Plants, Rooted Cuttings

For more detailed instructions see best Practices for Growing with sure to Grow®

on the back of this page or go to Made in U.S.A.


Sure to Grow® is a unique media that will give you superior results if you follow our simple instructions:

Which Sure to Grow® product should I use?

Crops Cubes Blocks Slabs Pads Rolls Loose Fill
Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peppers
Flowers – Cut
Herbs, Baby Greens – Cut
Herbs – Live
Lettuces – Single Head
Microgreens, Sprouts, Wheatgrass
Vegetable, Flower Transplants
Other – Rooted Cuttings

Propagating seeds and cuttings with Sure to Grow®

  • Completely saturate the Sure to Grow® media.
  • Place in free-draining plant trays on a level surface to prevent nutrient run-off and migration; avoid pooling of water at the root zone.
  • Deposit seeds into the pre-punched dibble holes; larger seeds and cuttings can be inserted into the cross-cut “x” in the center of the dibble hole.
  • After seeding, water the seeds or cuttings gently from the top to establish good contact with the media.
  • Cover with a humidity dome or another tray until the seed coat has cracked and the radicle has emerged.
  • Keep the media evenly moist during germination. Top watering or flood and drain are the most effective irrigation methods during the germination stage.
  • Upon germination, remove the dome and expose seedlings to full light.
  • When adjacent seedling leaves are touching, transplant to your growing system. Be sure to completely saturate the roots and cubes at the time of transplanting.


  • Once true leaves have emerged it is essential that a complete water-soluble nutrient formulated for the crop be supplied to the plants.
  • Compared to other media, STG® will generally require more frequent but shorter irrigation intervals.
  • Once plants are placed in the growing system, the irrigation interval must allow the media to stay evenly moist throughout.
  • In flood and drain systems, set the flood level to 1/4” to 1/2” below the top surface of the media.
  • Should the media dry out, the media needs to be completely rehydrated by flooding and draining or thoroughly watering from the top.

Crop Production

  • Vine crops and taller plants may require support in the form of staking or trellising sooner than with other types of media.
  • Cover the surface of deeper containers (Bato buckets, Dutch Pots), with a solid cover to block light, preserve moisture and prevent algae growth.

Specific Hydroponic System Instructions

In addition to these Best Practices, please consult our supplemental instructions at for growers using specific hydroponic systems including NFT, Ebb & Flow, Drip, Float, Wick and Aeroponic systems and for growing from cuttings.


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